Resources from Odile Lavault  English & French


All you want to know about the Validation Method

National Alzheimer’s Association You can spend days exploring this site. Be sure to check all the education videos and look for your local support group and conferences

National Parkinson Foundation

National Institute on Aging Finds out agencies in your area assisting with services Information on Medicare and Medicaid and other resources that help planning for long-term care

Family Caregiver Alliance very helpful for caregivers, you are not alone and you are not the first one on this path

AARP Part of the website is aimed at supporting caregivers

Home Safety for Dementia Care

CIL  The Center for Independent Living provides disability resources including assistive technology and low-cost service Cue cards in all languages Legal Assistance for Seniors in Alameda County


Memory Care

• The Validation Breakthrough, 3rd Edition, Naomi Feil and Vicki de Klerk Rubin
• Validation Techniques for Dementia Care, The family Guide to Improve communication, Vicki de Klerk-Rubin
• The Myth of Alzheimer’s: What You Aren’t Being Told About Today’s Most Dreaded Diagnosis, Peter J. Whitehouse, Daniel George
• Dementia Beyond Drugs, G. Allen Powers
• Ten Thousand Joys and Ten Thousand Sorrows, A Couple’s journey through Alzheimer’s, Olivia Helms Hoblitzelle
• The Caregivers, A support Group’s Stories of Slow Loss, Courage and Love, Nell Lake
• The 36-Hour Day: A Family Guide to Caring for People Who Have Alzheimer Disease, Related Dementias, and Memory, Nancy L. Mace and Peter V. Rabins

Aging, Changes, End of Life

• How to Say it to Seniors, Closing the Communication Gap with our Elders, David Solie
• The Life Cycle Completed, Erik H.Erikson
• Being Mortal, Atul Gawande

• Away from Her
• Amour
• Nebraska
• Still Alice
• The Genius of Marian
• The Separation
• Alive Inside
• I Remember Better When I Paint: Treating Alzheimer’s through the Creative Arts
• Complaints of a Dutiful Daughter
• The Sum Total of Our Memory

Ressources en français pour l’accompagnement des personnes âgées désorientées


Desorientation, perte de memoire

• La méthode de Naomi Feil à l’usage des familles : La Validation, pour garder le lien avec un proche âgé désorienté, Vicki de Klerck-Rubin
• Validation, La Méthode de Naomi Feil, Naomi Feil et Vicki De Klerk-Rubin
• Le mythe de la maladie d’Alzheimer: Ce qu’on ne vous dit pas sur ce diagnostic tant redouté,  Peter J. Whitehouse et Daniel George
• La société malade d’Alzheimer, Michel Billé
• Le crépuscule de la raison, Jean Maisondieu

Vieillesse, fin de vie

• La Vieillesse, Simone de Beauvoir
• Aïe, mes aïeux!: Liens transgénérationnels, secrets de famille, syndrome d’anniversaire, transmission des traumatismes, Anne Ancelin Schützenberger

SITES INTERNET Institut de Formation M&R, organisme de formations à la Validation et conférences en France

France Alzheimer Portail de l’Union française des associations Alzheimer. Dossiers d’information, événements et formation.