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Ida is lying in bed, on her back, eyes closed. Would she like to feel the sunshine? Are the window shades drawn because the bright light was bothering her? She is blind and very hard of hearing. She sometimes wears hearing aids but not in bed. I observe one of her arms, naked on top … Continue reading

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Elsa was having a fairly good day watching “Rick Steves Italy” She seemed interested by the colorful displays of pasta dishes, regional costumes and constant optimism of the host blowing out kisses from a gondola. Her mood darkened around 3pm, when she returned from the bathroom. She started calling out in Russian: “Papa! Papa!” To … Continue reading

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The Great Unlearning

Below is the final statement from Gisela Webb’s 2001 article INTIMATIONS OF THE GREAT UNLEARNING: INTERRELIGIOUS SPIRITUALITY AND THE DEMISE OF CONSCIOUSNESS WHICH IS ALZHEIMER’S       I can’t stop rereading her 5000+ words. They approach thoughts I wish I would be able to articulate. I plan to explore all her references… “I call Alzheimer’s the great … Continue reading