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“–Pauline looks better today.  –Yes, she is speaking non-stop, to herself. – I noticed that. She does it often, even when surrounded by people and activities. What does she say?  –She talks about her house, her things. That she has a lot of gold and diamond jewelry. In reality she had some, but not that … Continue reading

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What is Jin Shin Jyutsu?

The late neuroscientist, Candice Pert said, “Mind doesn’t dominate body, it becomes body; body and mind are one.” For many of us, negative and difficult thoughts are frequent, pervasive and inescapable. We find ourselves feeling tired, exhausted, anxious, worried, pressured or fearful, to name a few. In response, our bodies experience headaches, digestive issues, aches … Continue reading

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“TEN-NINE-EIGHT-SEVEN-SIX-FIVE-FOUR-THREE-TWO-ONE-ZEROOOOOO” Holding hands, forming a large circle, we all jump into the German skies. We enjoy floating together weightless before the rude contact with the ground. “BOUM!” “Anybody speaks German?” Nope. It does not seem to matter, we did it. Marty is beaming. It all started when I walked inside the circle of a dozen … Continue reading