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Welcome to Sands of Time, a project dedicated to promoting well-being and fullness of life in the later years despite frailty or disability.

Whether there is a physical or cognitive diagnosis that impedes your usual way of being in the world, it is still possible to find life in life. I offer conversation as a tool to explore the good, the bad, and the ugly in service of greater wholeness. I don’t presume to have your answers, but I trust the process of mutual exploration.

Sometimes conversation involves imagery and Sandplay*, sometimes poetry and reflection, sometimes storytelling, myths, contemplation or simple stillness. Identifying and connecting with the part of us that is resilient, wise and always present helps us live fully rather than simply exist.

A typical session lasts 1 ½ to 2 hours, and can take place in an elder’s home, in a restaurant or café, or other venue of the elder’s choice. Based on the needs and desires of the elder, meetings can be weekly or bi-monthly until such time as the elder feels complete.

Sandi also offers educational sessions, workshops, and retreats that reframe cultural biases about aging and promote life giving perspectives. She is available to lead discussion groups on late life development in community settings and in eldercare environments.

*Sandplay is a method of engaging the unconscious or unknown aspect within each of us. It consists of a box of sand and numerous miniatures. Elders choose from among these miniatures and position them in the sand, constructing a sand picture. The act of creatively engaging with the materials allows a story to unfold that mirrors the elder’s inner state in the moment. This experience of mirroring can lead to delight, a release of anxiety and a deeper connection both within oneself, one’s environment, and with the facilitator. To learn more about this process, read her article in the Journal of Religion, Spirituality and Aging:

Using Sandplay to Explore Inner States.

Those who benefit from Sandi’s services include:

  • Elders seeking to explore the experience of aging through dialogue and education;
  • Homebound elders who are at risk for isolation and can benefit from meaningful conversation and engagement;
  • Memory impaired elders who need opportunities to talk, express themselves, and try new things without fear of judgment;
  • Professional caregivers who seek training to incorporate life-giving attitudes in their work;
  • Facilities who wish to provide depth-oriented programming for their residents;
  • Churches and other organizations interested in exploring the contemplative dimension of late life.

Contact Sandi :  (510) 529-1500

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About Sandi

Sandi has a master’s degree in psychology and is trained as a spiritual director. She has 30+ years experience working with elders in a variety of settings and capacities. As a student of Carl Jung, she has particular interest in the role of symbolic expression in older age, especially for those with memory loss. She re-discovered Sandplay while doing research for her master’s thesis and incorporates one to one Sandplay sessions with elders who can benefit from this modality. She is also available to professionals and facilities to promote the method. Her book  Aging with Agency: Building Resilience, Confronting Challenges and Negotiating Eldercare is due for publication in spring 2020.

Sandplay Gallery

Sandplay uses a box of sand and numerous figures to communicate inner states. It is particularly effective for elders with memory loss.