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Welcome to Sands of Time, a project started by Sandi Peters and dedicated to promoting well-being and fullness of life in the later years despite frailty or disability.

Sands of Time offers a range of services to enhance life for elders. Sandi specializes in using sandplay, a box of sand and numerous miniatures, to access the inner world. In addition, she uses poetry, storytelling, myths and discussion to help caregivers and their loved elder understand and explore the aging journey. She offers educational sessions, workshops and retreats to reframe cultural biases about aging and promote life giving practices and healing.

Lufina 4-26-10_web_cropSands of Time provides individual and group experiences for:
• Well elders seeking to explore their experience of aging;
• Frail elders who are home-bound and can benefit from quality conversation and engagement;
• Memory impaired elders who need stimulation and possibilities for creative expression;
• Family caregivers who want to stay connected with their loved one and use this time of care giving to increase their knowledge and openness to aging;
• Paid professional caregivers who seek to incorporate a life-giving attitude in their work;
• Facilities who wish to implement culture-change and creative programming;
• Churches and other organizations that are interested in the contemplative dimension of late life.

Contact Sandi : (510) 529-1500

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sandi-picAbout Sandi

Sandi has a master’s degree in psychology and has been working in the field of gerontology since 1986. Her area of specialty is lifespan development and the possibilities for renewal in older age. As a student of Carl Jung, she has particular interest in the role of symbolic expression in older age, especially for those with memory loss. Sandi uses sandplay, a combination of miniature figures and a box of sand, with elders to access and creatively express inner states. Her book, Aging with Agency: Building Resilience, Confronting Challenges and Navigating Eldercare will be published Spring 2020.

For additional information on sandplay or Sandi’s services, please visit her website at:


Sandplay Gallery

Sandplay uses a box of sand and numerous figures to communicate inner states. It is particularly effective for elders with memory loss.