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From her bedroom door, she yells angrily. I approach. I ask: “What’s happening? -She does not understand English” Whispers a voice behind me. She invites me in, Guides me into the bathroom. Her piercing tone and gestures Tell that something Was transferred from the sink to the toilet (I recognize the word TOALET) And now … Continue reading

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“With my siblings, we divide the day in three: 7 to 12, 12 to 5 and 5 to the time my mother goes to bed, around 9. This way we can each have one day off. I usually do the middle of the day. My little brother is still working; he does the evening.“ Phil … Continue reading

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“Can it sit by the table? I brought something…” Roger, who just walked in, is pointing at the little black nylon shopping bag hanging from his walker. I move the chair a few feet towards the table. With careful shuffling steps, Roger positions himself in front of the chair and slowly folds his tall frame … Continue reading