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Facility vs. Community

By SANDI PETERS,  The buzz word for facilities that house older adults today is ‘community’.  Corporate America has caught on that providing a well-appointed environment is insufficient to foster quality of life.  The new trend seems to re-brand themselves as a ‘community’.  Let’s look at what that word means. The word ‘communis’ is a combination … Continue reading

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Medical Clown

Six months ago, my supervisor burst in the middle of my music group at the psychiatric hospital: “We have two clowns visiting, can they come in? –Of course!” Two grinning youthful men popped into the day room; one wearing a monkey suit, the other dressed in short striped pants with suspenders, colorful socks with a … Continue reading

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From her bedroom door, she yells angrily. I approach. I ask: “What’s happening? -She does not understand English” Whispers a voice behind me. She invites me in, Guides me into the bathroom. Her piercing tone and gestures Tell that something Was transferred from the sink to the toilet (I recognize the word TOALET) And now … Continue reading