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Soul 2 Soul

As experienced professionals in senor care, we hold a deep respect for all those engaged in the elder journey. Growing old in our society holds both opportunities and challenges. We recognize that quality of life is essential to the later years. Soul2Soul providers offer a growing menu of exceptional and unique services designed to nourish … Continue reading

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From her bedroom door, she yells angrily. I approach. I ask: “What’s happening? -She does not understand English” Whispers a voice behind me. She invites me in, Guides me into the bathroom. Her piercing tone and gestures Tell that something Was transferred from the sink to the toilet (I recognize the word TOALET) And now … Continue reading

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“Can it sit by the table? I brought something…” Roger, who just walked in, is pointing at the little black nylon shopping bag hanging from his walker. I move the chair a few feet towards the table. With careful shuffling steps, Roger positions himself in front of the chair and slowly folds his tall frame … Continue reading

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PIAGET, The Very Fascinating Problem of Knowledge

“Young children cannot achieve the mental operation necessary for thorough comprehension of numbers. A 4 year old child might think that two sets are equivalent in number (Set1 = Set2) if they have the same length. The child focuses on a single quality of each set: LENGTH.” Set 1:      O                O                   O                      O Set 2:      … Continue reading

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Nest & Cocoon

Brigitte sits sideways on her bed, in the middle, where the security side rail ends. She wears a night gown, a white terry cloth towel draped over her shoulders. Her wavy white hair is gathered in a becoming ponytail. This is my first visit since Brigitte recent admission. We talk about her food preferences, her … Continue reading

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How to create a memorial among people who have some forgetfulness and no common language? This has been my question for years. How to remember a person when you do not remember a person? For the last months I have been reading Francis Weller’s, THE WILD EDGE OF SORROW, after attending an intense one day … Continue reading